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What to avoid when browsing the internet

what to avoid when browsing the internet especially those that are using chrome or every other browser when you’re browsing the internet is leaving your most sensitive and important credentials on internet,

we recommend you write them offline on a paper or any diary, things to avoid are as listed below: 

  • Saving your passwords to google

do you know that when save your password on your google if anyone have access to your google account your passwords will all be accessed? ofcouse you do not know.

  • Sharing password on internet either through email or any other electronic means  

do you know that there is a more secure and risk free way to share password with anyone online without any risk?

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now let me introduce you to this ultimate unique platform that specializes only on secure information and password sharing, 

Have you heard of secure share enables you to share any information in an encrypted way and after the receiver views this the information will disappear making it impossible for another person to read the information therefore through this platform you can easily share any secret information such as password and it will be safe,

DO NOT FORGET: we recommend you save your passwords and other secret information offline for safety because technology can not be trusted therefore your mobile device can crash at anytime and you will loose all your important informations or passwords especially those using Blockchain, Inflowchain and other crypto wallets,

do not save your password whenever you’re prompted to save it to google or any platform!

do not click the remember me option checker!

thank you for reading this guide, do you know you can save someone from disaster? Ofcouse you can do that easily by sharing this article so that others will learn what to avoid when browsing the internet.

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