How to redeem Itunes gift card in Nigeria

Hello! this article will guide you on how to redeem Itunes gift card in Nigeria, you can now use your Itunes gift card to get bitcoin easily. Alot of Nigerians have had challenges on how to use their iTunes gift cards to get cash but today we are glad to inform our readers most especially Nigerians that they can now use itunes gift card to get Bitcoin and then use Bitcoin to get cash if they want, 

I know you must be asking why change to Bitcoin and then want to change Bitcoin again to cash, now here’s the reason,

When you have an itunes gift card and want to sell it anyone that wants to buy it from you will buy it at almost 60% for example you have a hundred US dollars itunes gift card and you want to sell it to get naira the person that wants to buy it will buy it 60 (sixty) or 70 (seventy) US dollars, you understand? Now change the 60$ to naira and you will see that the price was slashed just to get fiat.

Let’s leta think of it this way, you have USA itunes gift card and then you change it to Bitcoin and sell the Bitcoin example at 556₦ to USD you will get value of the itunes gift card,

Now is better than selling it off at a very cheaper amount or rate of cheat bargain. Now the big question is: 

How to convert USA itunes gift to Bitcoin 

for you to convert USA itunes gift card to Bitcoin is easy, what you have to do is to get a program that is called “Offrakle” with Offrakle you can do alot of things unlike Cardro Pro or HackCanyon. 

What Is Offrakle?

offrakle is a cloud program that you can use to carryout numerous transactions or conversation such as:- 

  1. Carding
  2. Mt103
  3. Bypass OTP
  4. NetSpend
  5. Send Fiat Payment
  6. Redeem USA itunes gift card
  7. Buy Gift Card 
  8. Get Bank Logs
  9. Check credit/debit card balance 

want to know more about offrakle and what it offers? Not an issue at all. Read on below 👇 and if you have any question do not hesitate to ask our support department, now let’s break it more down to ensure you learn How to redeem Itunes gift card in Nigeria perfectly starting with few questions you might be familiar with. 

Looking for a program to redeem USA itunes gift card and to process a transaction internationally in India? Australia? Europe And Nigeria? Then Offrakle is the perfect recommendation you should go for, Offrakle is unique unlike Cardro Pro. Offrakle let’s you

  • Carding 
  • MT103
  • Bypass OTP
  • NetSpend
  • Send Fiat Payment 
  • Buy Gift Card
  • Redeem USA Gift Cards
  • Get Bank Logs
  • Check Credit Card Available Balance

I know that is not everyone that gets on this page that knows what all the features of this program “Offrakle” does so I am going to explain the features below 👇


Carding is a term describing the trafficking and unauthorized use of credit cards such as withdrawal from credit or debit cards without authorization. The stolen credit cards or credit card numbers can be  used to buy prepaid gift cards to cover up the tracks. Activities also encompass exploitation of personal data, and money laundering techniques. 

When you use carding to take out money from credit card you can use it to buy gift card and also can redeem the same gift card on the software.

This means with the Carding feature you can move  funds from any credit card or any debit card globally and can convert the money to crypto, conversion is  automatic. 


An MT103 is a standardised SWIFT payment message used specifically for cross border/international wire transfers. MT103s are globally accepted as proofs of payment and include all payment details such as date, amount, currency, sender and recipient. 

as a hacker you know the good benefits of MT103, it costs a fortune to get it but this software offers it to you freely.

Bypass OTP

The feature “Bypass OTP” is a method you can use to bypass OTP verification 


On Offrakle the NetSpend feature let’s you carryout online shopping of products through secret API the program use, you will be linked to amazon and more other online e-commerce to shop directly with funds in your fiat wallet at ease

Send Fiat Payment 

This method let’s you send fiat currency payment globally, sending out the funds in your wallet is very easy and understandable 

Buy Gift Cards 

on this program you can quickly use stolen money to buy gift cards of up to 5,000 USD and can also quickly redeem it with the “redeem gift card” feature 

Redeem USA Gift Cards 

almost everyone even a teenager hustler knows what this is, with this feature you can redeem gift cards be it iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card and more you will be able to redeem it quickly and receive payment in bitcoin or your fiat wallet, 

You can also submit your account details for swift payment (note that it will take 2-5 working days for swift payment to arrive so we recommend you use bitcoin to receive it) 

How to redeem itunes gift card to Bitcoin with Offrakle 

What is Offrakle

 when you login to the program, click the redeem card feature, enter the gift card number, select the gift card type, choose how to receive payment and then hit the “redeem now” button it will be redeemed and your wallet will be automatically funded. No stress! 

Get Bank Logs

How to get bank log with Offrakle? Follow this step, 

  1. Login to Offrakle
  2. Click the Bank log
  3. Choose country 
  4. Choose Bank 
  5. Set target amount 
  6. Enter email address 
  7. Submit 

when it’s available you will be emailed with the details of the Bank log  “full access” 

Check Credit Card Available Balance 

How to Check Credit Card Available Balance with Offrakle? very easy, what you should do is follow this step below:- 

  1. Login Offrakle 
  2. Navigate to the checking feature 
  3. Click on the checking 
  4. Enter card number 
  5. Name of card holder (optional) 
  6. enter the CVV of the card 
  7. Enter the expiration date of the card 
  8. Click in the “check now” button 

That’s how to Check Credit Card Available Balance with Offrakle – the easiest feature on this program. It is awesome, when we say it is unique just believe it. 

There’s another important thing which is how to set the program including the built-in custom VPN framework, have a look below 👇 

How to redeem Itunes gift card in Nigeria

on above screenshot is VPN of it and you can configure it at your convenience, no technical skill required and no hassles.

before you sign in notify the customer support to set up your account for you and give you go ahead to begin transaction, don’t go to them and talk about scam you won’t be given attention, don’t go to them asking then if they’re real they won’t listen to you, don’t go to them asking them bank account for payment they won’t attend to you, why will you even ask for their bank account? Think about it anyway!

Just like i explain “Offrakle let’s you Bypass OTP, perform NetSpend, Send Fiat Payment, Redeem USA itunes Gift Cards, Get Bank Logs, Check Credit Card balance” i hope you understood it.

How can I get Offrakle?

if you are looking for how you will get it or you want to get Offrakle for yourself then you should CLICK HERE

Offrakle is updated every end of the month and the Offrakle developers work hard to harden the security and to also improve it as per feedbacks they get which is excellent!

Are you still thinking about it? See you tomorrow, if no then do the needful to stop asking or searching for How to redeem Itunes gift card in Nigeria and goodluck! 

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