How to prevent your WhatsApp being hacked

How to prevent your WhatsApp being hacked? And you have been worrying about this? Don’t worry. We got you covered so just relax

Before we continue if you don’t know how to hack your spouse WhatsApp ? you don’t have time for such? Okay! You’re strong ? meanwhile read on below ??

We are in a new age and alot of things are happening, so many impossibilities are becoming possible. Just imagine a situation whereby someōne hacked your WhatsApp and be reading all your dirty chats and your cheating chats you’re left with no more privacy? That’s a huge breech of privacy ?

We are going to tutor you how to prevent your WhatsApp being hacked at zero cost, follow below steps

  • STEP 1
    • open your WhatsApp Settings you will see something like below highlighted on screenshot
  • STEP 2

click on the account tab and proceed to next page you will see privacy

  • STEP 3

click on the privacy and proceed to next page where you will see something like below just scroll down

  • STEP 4

Click on the fingerprint, as you can see it’s disabled by default on my own WhatsApp so click on it and enable it

it will request for your finger print, lay your thumbs on the fingerprint sensor panel and it will be successfully scanned and added, after that you will be taken to the next page where you will set how you want it

i recommend you set it to immediately, this will make your WhatsApp lock immediately you leave it which adds more stronger security layer to your WhatsApp which will prevent anyone accessing it without your consent which I know you won’t grant the consent to your privacy to anyone regardless the status of the person,

  • STEP 5

after this you will have to return to your WhatsApp chats page by click the top arrow on the left bar

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This is a top way to secure your privacy, just like I said I was going to teach you how to prevent your WhatsApp being hacked and I will always drop tips here for you to keep browsing and acquiring more knowledge on technology all you have to do is to keep dropping by to read.

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