How To Open US Facebook Account In Nigeria

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It’s obvious You got some international deals before searching for how to open us facebook account in nigeria. The online has been crowded with so many G-Boys also known as Yahoo Boys so before you even think of exploring an idea these days, it has already been crowded. In order words, You need smartness to make money off Yahoo unlike before. Some Years Back, Internet Fraud was very Easy. Every little formula pays high wither you use Nigeria as your country or not. But as time goes on, Nigeria began to rank higher and higher in anything related to online fraud. This made almost all the white men and women very wise and smart thereby avoiding any identity that reflects Nigeria. Hustlers having noticed this, started Changing identity to other top countries such as UK, US, Canada etc. They make Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts using Fake identities at least to convince clients and make them pay. So that’s the only option now but then something happened. Facebook as the largest social media and Yahoo Boys Abode started being cruel banning accounts upon every suspicious activity. If you’ve been into the system before now, you should know then when you can just get some old Facebook accounts and edit the identity to fit any country of your choice. You even edit name and contact details and other related information. But now, any attempt to edit “You get account banned immediately”. This issue has made Yahoo so difficult for so many persons because most people get clients through Facebook. And for sure there’s no better and easier way to get clients than Facebook no matter the format you are using. So today, I’ve decided to share how to open us facebook account in nigeria so you won’t get about editing Nigeria, or other accounts to match with US, UK etc which may easily lead to getting account banned by Facebook.

How To Open US Facebook Account In Nigeria

If You want to Create USA Facebook account from Nigeria or as a non US residence, The below steps will surely help. To Open US Facebook account from Nigeria, You need A working VPN network and USA Phone number. To Get USA phone Number from Nigeria, Follow the guide on how to get virtual phone numbers for online verification using VYKE app. Having Gotten Your US phone number which you are going to use for Facebook registration, download Any VPN network of your Choice. Below are some Free VPN list you can download from Google Playstore.
  • ZPN Proxy
  • Windscribe.
  • TunnelBear.
  • NordVPN.
  • ExpressVPN.
  • IPVanish.
  • ProtonVPN.
  • Hotspot Shield.
  • CyberGhost.
Having Downloaded And activated any of the above VPN services, Kindly turn your Location to USA and then open or Your Facebook app. You can use any name but be sure the name you are using already exist on Facebook. Not just anyhow name that never existed on Facebook. If it get noticed by fb bots, your account might get banned. Enter Your USA mobile Number from the next page. Confirm your number through Sms sent to your virtual phone provider. As soon As you log into Your account, Edit every necessary details, Your school, location, Marital status, Age, occupation etc just make sure you have a completed profile all based on what yahoo format you wanna explore. Throughout this whole process, be sure your VPN is turned to USA. Once your account is fully setup, leave the account for at least 3 days or more without adding or accepting any friend request. Facebook will suspect and ban your account if you make new account and immediately started adding friends. After that, you can now start adding friends gradually (Not Max adding). I do recommend at least 10 friends or less daily. As for me, I add less than that for safety purposes. You can Now start using Your account. But always remember to turn your VPN on whenever you wanna access your account. Then when you get your clients, channel them to Any safe social platform such as Skype, WhatsApp, Google Chat etc just incase anything happens so you won’t lost your clients.

How To Open Foreign Facebook account

From The above guide, we only discussed opening US foreign based accounts. You can also follow same process to open other countries accounts such as Canada, UK, Poland since they also issue virtual numbers based on these countries. Hope the above solved your question on how to get foreign Facebook account in nigeria? Kindly comment your challenges below.

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