How to identify a fake account on facebook

Here’s How to identify a fake account on Facebook and also how to know a scammer on facebook easily in few steps,

i once experienced scam on social media and ever since then i have been exploring different ways to prevent scams and also been combating them by publishing it publicly on my blogs and YouTube channel,

Before i proceed to guide you i want to put you through screenshot of my conversation with a scammer that came to my facebook trying to pull cheap scam on me, 

Reason you should go through this screenshot? Is for you to be able to understand how to be tactical and think critical whenever you’re having conversation with anyone even if you know the person, 

There’s one thing you should understand is that whoever that is telling you truth you will never observe the person be uncomfortable or give you excuses also the person will not contradict his or her statements, a honest person doesn’t make up statements. 


How to identify a fake account on Facebook

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

So you see? That was hundred percent scam because the investment is not clear and there’s no way you can get money invested and get paid back (X4) within 40 minutes,

Folks! There’s alot of these people out there with different methods of scam all you have to do is to be careful and never engage in a conversation with strangers, there is a best and easy way if identifying a fake facebook account or a scammer in easy steps, 

For you to identify a fake account just open the chat on messenger and at the top right of the chat window you will see an icon as i highlighted on below screenshot 

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

Click on this icon and advance to next window just like below screenshot

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

Click on the “Profile” button and you will be taken to the person chatting you profile

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

As you can see this person that chatted me on the profile is Florence martin, okay. Let us show you how to unmask the person and identify if is fake account or not,

click on the highlighted three dots button and it will take you to a window just exactly as below screenshot 

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

on above screenshot you can see what I highlighted, that is profile link of the account and on top you can see evidence that is still same person with the name Florence martin meanwhile the profile link is chidera Franklin,

something you should know is that whenever you sign up on facebook you automatically get a non changeable unique profile link created by the system with your name therefore when someone hacks your facebook account they can only change name but that link can never be changed and it remains unique and forever, 

By this way any smart person the hacker or scammer send a message to can easily detect if only you come across this article otherwise you will never know and you will fall victim, 

there’s a way to get this account flagged is either you report it or you check the question on top of the chat window just like below screenshot 

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

On above screenshot you can see an automated question facebook asks whenever someone that is not your friend chat you up, what you should do if you don’t want to respond or talk to the person is to click no which means you do not know the person, facebook will flag the person and you won’t get messages from the person again.

there is another method that scammers use is they don’t rename the account when they hack it and this method is what they use to extort money from the account owner’s people or loved ones by acting or claiming to be in urgent situation that requires money or requesting help from them so in this situation there are four things you must ensure to do that will bridge the fraud and protect your fund,

  1. Ensure you are paying to only bank account not the relative or your friend, if the person sends you different bank account details that doesn’t match his or her name don’t send money to the person. If he or she insists that there’s urgency request to call the person on video call
  2. Ensure to call the person on phone directly or request to go and meet in person 
  3. Call anyone that you know is around him or her to go and check on him on her before you proceed with the transfer
  4. Tell the person to chat you in WhatsApp when the person does ask him or her a question relating to a conversation you both had on phone call or in person if the person responds intact exactly matching the topic then you are talking to the right person but if the person talks off point or does not understand or even try to change topic drop the call and don’t send any payment

Above all do not send any money but only in person for safety, you can only send money by using the above methods to protect yourself and your loved one! 

that’s it guys! This article is for you to be able to learn How to identify a fake account on Facebook or how to identify a scammer on facebook, please ensure to share your experience with us so that we can make more of such article to help people protect themselves against fraudsters by commenting below also share this article on facebook and whatsapp to help others! Scammer are everywhere. thank you for reading! 

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