How to get cardro pro license key

on this web content you will understand how to get cardro pro license easily without stress, it has never been easy especially to those that got the program “cardro program” through a source that is not genuine.

We understand you’re making a research or trying to get the program you want to use and carry out your mission which you have dreamed of, i do not know how long it took you to get that program but i understand how frustrating it is when you finally have what you want but can not use it because you do not have the authorization to,

Don’t worry we are here to always help you actualize your goals, on this? Our purpose is to ensure you succeed on this path which is why we decided to come up with such not just helpful but useful article,

You’re going to learn how to get cardro pro license, it’s not difficult but there’s something involved, yes. It’s not free and i will ask you, are you still interested? Because you won’t get it free but if you’re not you can exit this page. Continue reading below if you’re still interested

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what you have to do is to visit “” when it opens just scroll down 🔻 the page

How to get cardro pro license

when you scroll down you will see something like below screenshot

choose any of the license package which you want and then click the “Buy License” button and it will take you to a page like below screenshot

How to get cardro pro license

disregard the coupon code section, it’s not required because you do not have coupon code, confused what coupon code is?

What is coupon code? Coupon code is a special code merchants issue out to their customers during promotional season, this code automatically gives customers a discount when they enter it, we are not running any promo at the moment because all our products are already discounted

disregard it and scroll down, the continue shopping is if you want to continue shopping, if you do not want to then you have to skip it too and scroll down.

How to get cardro pro license

fill out your names and order email,

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NOTE: the order email is where the license will be sent to therefore you have to enter a valid email not a fake one even if you have to input a fake one you have to input an email you have access to 

after filling out the required fields next is to click the “Complete Payment” button, after this it will take you to next and final page which is where to make your payment, On below screenshot you can choose which crypto currency to pay with, if it’s Bitcoin choose and proceed.

Just copy the Bitcoin address and send exactly the amount generated in Bitcoin to the address then wait for our system to detect your payment and your order will be completed automatically.

choose any crypto currency you want to pay with and make your payment, after making payment do not exit the page, wait for a while and it will be completed automatically. The license will be sent to your emails by our system automatically, if you do not have coinbase you can just click on the crypto currency you want to pay with and copy the address then open your wallet and send the payment to it. That’s how to get cardro pro license

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