How to flash funds

A full guide of how to flash funds? here’s it! read carefully, learn how to withdraw flashed funds, learn how to download cardro pro


  1. you need to get a flash funds program (any duration is okay)

    this is a program used for flashing of funds

  2. when you get this program what you need to do next is to activate it

    do not bother looking for a cracked version because it won’t work and beware of fake programs along with impersonators claiming to have this program

  3. after activating the program next to do is to get the account you want to flash ready

    get the bank account you wanna flash funds into ready right after activating the program

  4. now account is ready and the program is activated and ready to be used

    when you have everything ready next thing to do is to activate your VPN

  5. the most important step is to get your VPN ready and it must be custom VPN

    the vpn must be a custom vpn, not just a random vpn app, it must be a custom vpn

  6. when this vpn is activated next to do is to open the program using your license

    open the program and enter your license, after entering license you’re set to finalize your operation which is flash funding, flash funds is actually called flash payment.

  7. this is the last step

    on this last step, you will see flash payment tab on the dashboard of the program. Click on it and what you should do is to fill out the required fields according to the information you have, the victim’s bank account, ask no more of how to flash funds because this is it!,

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If you do not understand this guide then you will never be a hacker, but if you got question our team will be delighted to help you, this is the guide you have been looking for. comment and share!

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