How to buy bitcoin in India without ID verification

How to buy Bitcoin in India? How to buy bitcoin without ID verification? How to buy bitcoin with credit card? Here’s the solution!

First of all i want you to understand that buying of Bitcoin in India has never been easy due to the Indian government ban of Crypto Currency in India which is frustrating to millions of indians that wants to buy bitcoin or other crypto currencies therefore we decided to come up with a tip for you so that you will be able to buy Bitcoin in India easily without going through unnecessary protocols by learning this epistle on how to buy bitcoin in India,

buying crypto currency in India is not just challenging but as well as using PayPal, such a terrible situation. Ever been in a situation you need to buy Bitcoin but there’s no way for you to do that? Ever been in a situation you want to make Purchase on the dark web and the only Payment Method is crypto currency therefore you can’t buy it because your country’s government banned crypto currency? That frustration ended the moment you got on this website,

You will understand a method of how to buy bitcoin in India without Identity verification, before we proceed I will love to ask you if you have heard or know about InflowChain, have you? Okay!

InflowChain is an online service and Payment processor like paypal but difference is that PayPal frustrates it’s customers but InflowChain doesn’t,

InflowChain let’s you Receive payment globally using InflowChain and also send and receive currencies with ability to save your own crypto currency on the platform, sounds good?

Let’s get started with our main reason for this post which is how to buy bitcoin in India i will come back to that, for you to use InflowChain you have to open your browser and type “WWW.INFLOWCHAIN.NET” when it opens you will see something similar to below Screenshot

How to buy bitcoin in India
InflowChain homepage Screenshot

when you see that click the “create account” and fill out the required fields, when you’re done filling the registration form as seen Below click the create account button you will be redirected to the login page, you will be asked to login then input your login details and hit the login button

Note that if you’re not redirected to login page click the Login button below and login

when you login you will see the customer account dashboard, the first thing you should do before buying or selling crypto currency is to fund your InflowChain wallet so click the InflowChain wallet as marked below

How to buy bitcoin in India

Click the “Add funds” tab,

enter amount you want to fund your wallet with which you will use to buy crypto currency, as you can see i input 200, all the Transactions are in dollars so it is 200 dollars there, after inputting the amount you want to fund your wallet with next stage is to hit the fund wallet tab on the right

when you click the fund wallet tab it will take you to a page where you will need to add billing information of yours

How to buy bitcoin in India

after putting billing information scroll down, choose payment method and hit the “Proceed to checkout” button (note that you must check the terms and conditions)

Hit the “Place order” button

How to buy bitcoin in India
How to buy bitcoin in India

After clicking the “Place order” button you will see above page then you will have to click that “Make payment” button

You will be redirected to a page where to enter your card details (if you choosed the card payment method)

How to buy bitcoin in India

Note that you can be able to change the payment method at this stage,

do you know that you can also choose to pay with Paypal? Yes you can be able to fund your wallet with Paypal if you have money in your PayPal then this option is for you, just click on the “Change Payment Method” button

How to buy bitcoin in India

when you do this you will be taken to a page where you will be asked “How would you like to pay?”

How to buy bitcoin in India

choose the paypal option, for those that have barter Account and they have funds in it can choose barter and follow the prompt,

after you’re done with the Payment and funding next step is to carry out your interest which is buying crypto currency, you will be return to the homepage of customer account dashboard,

When you return to your account dashboard click on the “Crypto operations” tab and you will see something as below screenshot,

How to buy bitcoin in India

Oops! I forgot to tell you, i skipped the verification step ha ha 😅 alright let’s just assume you are already verified on InflowChain

verification on InflowChain doesn’t take time if you follow their rules,

after funding your wallet (note that it is instant funding) what you have to do next is to scroll down to the “Buy Crypto” section and select the crypto currency you want to buy, for example. You want to buy bitcoin

you will select the crypto currency you want to buy

How to buy bitcoin in India

after selecting for example bitcoin you will enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy in crypto (bitcoin)

How to buy bitcoin in India

after that hit the buy Bitcoin the amount will be debited from your wallet and bitcoin worth the amount will be credited to your crypto wallet on InflowChain platform. That’s it! You surely know your way now on how to buy bitcoin in India so good luck!

NOTE: you can also sell your crypto currency on the platform but scrolling down, on the above screenshot you will see the “Sell Crypto” section, also be aware that you can sell crypto currency from any other wallet by using the “Sell FROM External Wallet” tab on the crypto operations page and are you aware you can also beat the verification? Yes you can!

you can only not verify if you want to sell crypto currency what you have to do is to navigate to the Menu and select the “Sell Crypto” option, (note that before you do this you must sign up on InflowChain if you do not have Account with them.

You can sell your crypto currency without ID verification, if you’re looking for where to buy and sell crypto currency without ID verification at all then is for you, visit and sign up, if signing up is stressful to you then you have another option by engaging the customer support in a chat

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