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The flash funds we are talking about is not fake bank alert, learn the easy process, risks involved and how to use it right.

Buy And Sell Bitcoin Without Verification!

We are going to talk about the dangers involved in flash Funds before we will talk about how to flash funds. Is It A Crime To Use Flash Funds? Just like carding it is also a crime and it’s punishable by law if you’re found guilty doing it or caught in the act Is It Safe To Use Flash Funds? Alot of people are into dangerous methods of and they take this risks blindly without knowing what they’re doing, i will list those methods that are it high risk below
  • In person flash funds (face to face)
  • For business payment
  • To close relative or friend
This is not something you do to someone close or someone that knows you to house or even someone in the same country with you that knows your identity, you should not do it to your business partner’s account or someone you had intimacy with you are risking your life and image,

What Is Flash Funds Used For?

It is meant for online purchase or virtual products or a client (your catfish) You run it to the person and cash out or your use it to make online purchase or virtual products and go away.

Real Working Flash Funds

we are not talking about fake bank alert but the one that reflects on bank account available balance and stays over 14days (fourteen days), How To Safely Do It Legitimate flash payment and ways to earn/make money using this method
  • Purchase of crypto currency
  • Purchase or Gift Cards
  • Purchase of other virtual products
Through above means you will legitimately cash out with this method, no stress no risk,

Which Program Is Used For Flash Funds?

there are programs used for this not any random program or fake applications and i will list them below
  • Offrakle (independent)
  • Cardro Pro (dependent)
Flash Funds Above programs are most recommended and take note of websites sampling (cardro pro V6 V8 V7 and V whatsoever nonsense all those are fake and it doesn’t work they will reap you! Becareful! Offrakle let’s your create account and sign in yourself then run your transactions without limits but Cardro Pro is controlled by the administrators you will have to get the cardro pro license (be warned! There’s nothing like Cardro Pro activation code or Cardro Pro activation key!) And use it to download the program from the Cardro Pro Download portal and then sign in with your license to start using it but it has different licenses and each comes with it’s capabilities or limitations.

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