5 Things you need to know about cardro pro

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5 Things you need to know about cardro pro before buying the license and starting a transaction. Cardro frequently asked questions. Unlike Cardro Pro has alot of questions the intending users always ask and  below are the frequently asked questions by mostly our intending customers therefore we decided to clear this questions by arranging the according answers to you.

How can I flash someone account using his or her account details?

Yes and You need Cardro Pro to do this, with cardro pro you can also be able to run Nigerian BVN look up

Does it work with foreign banks?

Yes it works with all banks excluding Russian banks for now

Is it working with all the country or there is a specific country?

Yes, all except Russian banks

Does the amount I am going to flash top up the victim account?

Yes and it will reflect on the available balance instantly

Then how is it going to last? Is it hours or days?

15days and can be extended, you will have to contact our support after getting your license and demand duration to be extended for you

I want to know if the economic lisence can be able to carry out:

  • BVN
  • Carding
  • Flash funds transaction.
Yes, the above listed features can be done with the economy license, now that you know 5 Things you need to know about cardro pro i hope this clarifies and if not then contact support immediately for additional help or additional question.

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