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Wondering how cardro is like?

Watch the following transaction video


The following are they features of cardro


withdraw from credit/debit cards without OTP verification

Flash funds

flash funds or payment into bank account available balance (globally)


cash and crypto wallets to aid your launderings

Bitcoin clipper/flashing

flash bitcoin/clipp bitcoin


run mt103/swifts

Clone custom emails

send mail using any email address and get response to the email by redirecting it to a designated email address using the software (very useful in bank fraud or phishing)


(this feature is for Nigerian banks only)

How does cardro pro work?

Cardro pro is very easy to use, all you have to do is to get the details you want to use for your transaction either card details for carding or bank account info for flashing and you are good to get started but before then, the following steps should be taken.

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